"Save Time and Headaches Coding Through Multiple Scroll Levels
and Grids in PeopleSoft"

With The Programmers PeopleCode Guide to
Understanding Scroll Areas and Grids

This 18 page downloadable guide covers up to version 8.52 of PeopleTools, and presents a very easy to follow guide on how to write PeopleCode for traversing through Scroll Areas and Grids. 

What Will You Learn Inside This Guide?

  • Understanding What a Scroll Area is
  • Understanding How Scroll Data and Grid Data is loaded into the Buffer
  • Understanding About RowSets and How To Use Them in PeopleCode
  • Step By Step instructions on How To Write PeopleCode to Access Scroll Areas and Grids
  • How to Access and Manipulate Data at Scroll Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3
  • Simple to Use Code Samples that Save You Time
  • Bonus Section - Application Engine PeopleCode Program to Send Batch Emails

The intention of this eBook is to provide you with an understanding of how Scroll Areas and Grids work within a PeopleSoft page and component, step by step instructions on how to access the data within grids and scroll areas starting with Level 0 all the way through to the Level 3 Scroll on a page or component. 

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This eBook is designed to be used by programmers and developers of all skill levels who want to learn how to easily manipulate and access data in a scroll area or grid with Multiple levels.


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