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Successful PeopleSoft Upgrades

Successful PeopleSoft Upgrades

Product Code: PSUPG-02

Book Description
This 36 page eBook explains the step by step approach and methods of teaching you all about Performing a Successful Upgrade.

The intention of this eBook is to inform both current and prospective PeopleSoft Upgrade Specialist consultants how to successfully complete a PeopleSoft upgrade.

This eBook is full of great tips and helpful information (Not Found In The Upgrade Documentation.) that will help you to perform a successful PeopleSoft Upgrade.
See the Table of Contents Below.

Table of Contents
This Table of Contents show the high level information available in this book. 

Intended Audience
PeopleSoft Upgrade Methodology
Upgrade Methodology
Infrastructure - How It All Works Together
File Server
Database Server
Batch Server
Application Server
Web Server
Reporting Server
Installing the Software and Implementing the Infrastructure
The Upgrade Plan
Upgrade Planning
Upgrade Phases
Prepare the Database
Prior to Create Copy of Prod Database Task:
Create Copy of Prod Database:
Functional Tasks:
Database Backup:
Apply PeopleTools Changes
Run and Review Compare Reports
Apply Application Changes
Perform Upgrade Copy, Review Results, and Perform Backup
Configure the Infrastructure and Configure Chartfields
Create Tables, Alter Tables without Deletes, Create Indexes
Data Conversion
Alter Tables w/Deletes
Complete the DB Changes
Final Audit Reports
Data Cleanup
PeopleSoft Security
Functional Team Tasks
Stamping the DB - When?
Change Control
Functional Testing
Preparing for Test Move To Production
Basic Process Involved for Test/Final MTP
General Guidelines and Preparation
Go-Live Weekend
Documenting What Occurred During Upgrade Project

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